Hurst Struggle Past Old V’s

Hurstpierpoint went into this away game confident after last weeks 8-3 dismantling of Furnace Green. However, Varndineans took the lead 20 minutes in when the Bluedogs did not clear their lines from a corner.

It took a sensational effort from Tom Ward to equalise 10 minutes later; running most of the length of the pitch to then loft the ball over the oncoming keeper from deep after beating half a dozen players.

Hurst went into the half after Simon Blaxall, returning after a few weeks away, squeezed in a scrappy effort at the near post after the Brighton side stopped play expecting an offside call.

In the second half a good effort beat keeper Chris Gallimore from distance – despite this Gallimore performing at a high level, a more than capable under study to the suspended Martin Smith.

From that kick off the two best players from the previous week combined to win a penalty; Will Maltby arrowing a ball to Luke Martin before being taken down. Skipper Bartram’s boots had broke in-game so Shaun Jepson stepped up to thump home his first of the season.

With their backs to the wall for the last 20, the Bluedogs held on to win 3-2. MOM Alex Oecken.

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