October Monthly Round-up

Four more games for the firsts but not as much success as the previous months in October. Dudley Christensen’s men’s winning streak came to an undignified end after a short trip down Cuckfield Road to Ansty. Conceding two in the first five minutes including a goal from the kick off summed up the Blue Dog’s afternoon in the 5-3 defeat.

Things didn’t improve against Ridgewood as a hat-trick from the Lewes side’s forward trumped Blaxall’s brace. This loss sparked a re-think in tactics and Hurst reverted to a back four for Portslade and the visit from Monty Villa, with winning results coming from both games.

The reserves finished October in 6th place in division 4 south, an uncomfortable position for the side considering last years success.

The win against Fairfield at home, the second half display against Newick and the continued goal scoring form of Joe Butterfill are the main highlights….and vertically challenged Drew Nelson scoring a header.

James Davis was nominated for player of the month as he picked up two MOM awards as well as wearing the armband on two occasions – exactly the path the club knew James would take when he joined two years ago as a 16 year old walking into a men’s team.

Only three games for our youngsters this month but that didn’t stop Robbie Payne scoring seven goals. The young star has continued to play Saturday and Sunday for Hurstpierpoint and is showing no signs of burning out.

Despite the loss to Forest Row, Benjamin and Lambert are very pleased with how the team is settling into the season. The performances of Renault (see below), Sensier, Messer, Grant and Evans have meant they’ve been given a chance in the first or reserve team at some point.

1️⃣ Firsts

Ansty 5-3 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: Payne, Hayter, OG

MOM: Payne

Ridgewood 3-2 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: Blaxall (2)

MOM: None

Portslade Athletic 1-4 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: Hayter (2), Blaxall, S.Ritchie (P)

MOM: Hayter

Hurstpierpoint 3-2 Montpellier Villa II

Scorers: Payne, Bartram (P), Hayter

MOM: Northrop

2️⃣ Seconds

Hurstpierpoint 1-4 Eastbourne Athletic

Scorers: Nelson

MOM: Davis

Hurstpierpoint 5-2 Fairfield

Scorers: Mallon (2), Butterfill (2), Drake

MOM: Kelleway

Hurstpierpoint 3-7 Burgess Hill Albion 2nds

Scorers: Butterfill (2), Nelson (Header….how?)

MOM: Butterfill

Newick 4-3 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: Williams, Booker, Butterfill

MOM: Davis

Under 1️⃣9️⃣’s

Hurstpierpoint 1-6 Forest Row

Scorers: Payne

MOM: Renault

Hurstpierpoint 6-1 Sutton Knights

Scorers: Payne (4), Sensier (2)

MOM: Sensier

Newhaven 1-2 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: Payne (2)

MOM: Payne

October Top Scorers:

Payne 9 ⚽️

Butterfill 5 ⚽️

Hayter 4 ⚽️

Season Top Scorers:

Payne 13 ⚽️

Butterfill 8 ⚽️

Blaxall 6 ⚽️

⭐️Player of the month: Alex Renault claims player of the month for October. Alex started the season as a player that could fit into a number of positions at the back and around the midfield, however this month has firmly stated his case as a central midfielder; picking up the MOM award against Forest Row and was one of the top performers in the other two games.

2. Hayter

3. Davis

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