March Round-Up

March Round-Up

The firsts started the month with the possibility of a league and cup double in the cards.

They begun with a cup final rehearsal in the league and convincingly beating Chagossian and Maurittion Association with Tom Deveson collecting the match ball with two poachers goals and a late penalty.

Robbie Payne stole the show at Hanbury, inspiring their second win against Chagossian and Maurittion Association that week. Hayter and Deveson the other scorers that helped keep the Edgar German at Fairfield for another year.

The league was confirmed right at the end of the month despite losing 1-0 to AFC Acorns, results elsewhere meant that Hurstpierpoint were crowned league champions with a game to spare.

The reserves managed to get 4 points in March accompanied with great team spirit and improved performances. 8th place was mathematically confirmed, avoiding relegation in a turbulent season.

In similar fashion to the men’s team, the under 19’s won the league thanks to other results. However, a 1-0 win was still required to force that happening and Sam Evan’s goal against Furngate endure that.

Firsts 1️⃣

Chagossian and Maurittion Association 0-4 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: Deveson (3(1xP)), Bartram (P)

MOM: Maltby

Chagossian and Maurittion Association 1-3 Hurstpierpoint (CUP) 🏆

Scorers: Payne, Hayter, Deveson

MOM: Payne

Hurstpierpoint 1-1 Portslade Athletic

Scorers: Bartram (P)

MOM: None

Hurstpierpoint 0-1 AFC Acorns

MOM: Brown

POM: Beattie

Reserves 2️⃣ s

Hurstpierpoint 1-3 Ditchling II

Scorers: Butterfill

MOM: Davis

Willingdon Athletic III 0-1 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: Mallon

MOM: Lambert

Hurstpierpoint 2-2 Polegate

Scorers: Curryer, Mallon (P)

MOM: Curryer

Under 1️⃣9️⃣’s

Hurstpierpoint 1-0 Furngate

Scorers: Evans

MOM: Evans

March Top Scorers:

Deveson 4 ⚽️

Mallon, Bartram 2 ⚽️

Curryer, Evans,Hayter, Payne, Butterfill 1 ⚽️

Season Top Scorers:

Payne 20 ⚽️

Hayter 13 ⚽️

Mallon, Butterfill 9 ⚽️

⭐️Player of the month: James Davis

James has benefitted a lot this season getting regular game time with the reserves. Playing in the centre or on the right hand side of the defence, James’ performances have been in the 8’s and 9’s consistently, especially in the last month.

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