January Monthly Round-up

January Round-up

Firsts 1️⃣

Ashurst Wood 6-3 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: McFadden, Budge, Blaxall


Ridgewood 3-1 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: Beattie (P)

MOM: Chellel

West Hoathly 1-1 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: Hayter

MOM: Haskell

Seconds 2️⃣

Willingdon 1-3 Hurstpierpoint

Scorers: Dan Powell (2), OG

MOM: Nelson

Hurstpierpoint 3-4 Barcombe

Scorers: Powell, Lynch, Green


January Top Scorers:

Powell 3 ⚽️

Lynch, Green, Hayter, Beattie, McFadden, Budge, Blaxall, OG 1 ⚽️

Season Top Scorers:

Powell 16⚽️

Hayter 11⚽️

Budge 8⚽️

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